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Writer’s Pick
Remington Express (RRP £160) A traditionally styled, no-frills, good-value gun. The wooden stock is good (although the comb is a little low for a scope). It comes with open sights as well as a simple but adequate 4x32 scope. Hatsan AirTact PD (RRP £9
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A Convenient Flintlock Gun
A FIREARM can be as much a burden as it is a useful tool, with gunmakers constantly striving to create ever-lighter and more easily portable pieces. Whilst modern manufacturers have access to a wealth of strong, lightweight materials, such as polymer
The FieldLeitura de 7 mins
The Percy: Hunting As It Should Be
In the incomparable hunting ghost story The Shadow on the Moor, the Percy hounds are under the command of “the finest huntsman ever breathed”. Yet his heart is dark and after he kills his whipper-in, Black Tom is led on and on by a spectral fox to cr