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Woman's Weekly Living SeriesLeitura de 2 mins
COPING WITH… Muscle cramps
Our skeletal (voluntary) muscles move our bodies; internally, ‘smooth’ (involuntary) muscles keep things moving inside our organs. Muscles are designed to contract (shorten) and relax, but sometimes they go into spasm, producing pain and acidic chang
Woman's Weekly Living SeriesLeitura de 4 minsCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Meals that ENERGISE
Salmon’s energy-boosting effects are related to the way it activates our metabolism. It is delicious when stirred through this vibrant kedgeree. SERVES 6 ✣ 300g (10oz) basmati rice✣ 1tbsp vegetable oil✣ 1 large onion, chopped✣ ½tsp ground turmeric
Woman's Weekly Living SeriesLeitura de 5 minsRegional & Ethnic
5 Ways With APPLES
Pork and apple is a classic combination, we have mixed the two together and stuffed them into a roasted butternut squash to make this cosy winter dinner. SERVES 2 ✣ Small to medium-sized butternut squash✣ 2tbsp olive oil✣ 400g (14oz) of pork sausa