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Why Runners Need Pull-Ups
As a smart runner who wants to ward off injuries, you (hopefully) already have a regular core and lower-body strength routine. But it turns out that sculpting your lats as well as your shoulders and arms is equally important. “When those muscles are
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Stop Doing It All
Bake sourdough bread, then banana bread. Do the push-up challenge. Start gardening or podcasting. Learn a new language. All while doing your job (or looking for a job), raising your children, and staying (virtually) in touch over endless Zoom calls.
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The Power of Now
THE SATURDAY OF MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND I woke up promptly at 5 a.m. My daypack was loaded and my gas tank was filled. I was desperately looking forward to a long, solo day hike near my home in Boulder—a much-needed reset after a few chaotic, cooped-up