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Arpeggio And Intervallic Combinations
Welcome! When the subject of improvisation comes up, very few of us fully understand the three concepts of acquisition, assimilation, and application. This is very important, because when learning arpeggios and scales, you must take it beyond the fir
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Stardom with Deep Purple...
“To my surprise, I kept seeing members of Deep Purple showing up at Trapeze’s gigs in March 1973. They’d recently lost their singer Ian Gillan and their bassist Roger Glover, and were looking for replacements, but I didn’t know they were actually cou
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BP Notation Legend
The Stave: Most music written for the bass guitar uses the bass clef. The example to the right shows the placement of the notes on the stave. Tablature: This is a graphical representation of the music. Each horizontal line corresponds with a string