Firstly, I am loving the new-look FAIRLADY – the subtle refresh in layout is brilliant. I have been a reader of FAIRLADY for many years. Your magazine is not only intelligent, interesting and well put together visually, it is also entertaining and relevant to me, a 41-year old South African woman.

But on to my reason for writing: Even before Covid-19 changed all our lives, the magazine industry was in turmoil. What people don’t realise is that it is not magazine sales that make publishers money,

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This vegan product is a powerhouse of plant extracts, including bio-active rooibos extract; chlorella, a green algae that packs a strong anti-oxidant punch; aloe extract, which is effective against breakouts and dryness; jojoba seed oil to restore th
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Shaking Off Misconceptions
Watching him walk ahead of me to the car after our early-morning swim two years ago, it struck me that my beloved mountain-hiking househusband, Chris, was developing a slight stoop and a shuffle. ‘Straighten up, Sweetheart; lift those feet!’ Ichided.
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THE uncertainty we’ve all felt in the past year has left many of us feeling rudderless. A mentor can provide guidance and be a calming presence during such a difficult time. Santam suggests three types of mentor-ship that could benefit your business: