An Electric Pickup Truck Brings New Energy To Lordstown, Ohio

An old General Motors plant is being retooled to make a battery-powered work truck, the Endurance. The local community is watching closely, hopeful for a resurgence of good jobs.
A poster for Endurance, the electric truck planned for production at the Lordstown Motors assembly plant, is seen in the office of Lordstown Motors CEO Steve Burns. Lordstown, Ohio. Wednesday, March 4, 2020 Source: Carter Eugene Adams for NPR

When the General Motors plant in Lordstown, Ohio, went dark last year, it was a familiar story for the region. Yet another manufacturing powerhouse — a pillar of the local economy and a rare source of good jobs — was shutting down.

But the closure of the plant was not the end of the story. The factory was sold to Lordstown Motors, a start-up building an electric pickup truck that's scheduled to be unveiled on Thursday.

And now Lordstown is a symbol of the.

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