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Moog unveils the Subharmonicon

oog’s Subharmonicon synth has existed in limited numbers for a couple of years. This compact, semi-modular originated as a DIY build project for VIP Engineers at Moog’s 2018 Moogfest event but now, much

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Basic Jazz Harmony
At its simplest level, harmony is all about matching chords to a melody, so the term ‘jazz harmony’ essentially relates to what type of chords we can use to accompany improvised solos and melodies in jazz. Typically, these will be the kind of extende
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Quick Tips
1 Treat the initial attack transient and the body “punch” as separate elements, so you can customize the kick based on the needs of your track. 2 Since the kick drum is synthesized, you have full control over decay and release to adapt the sound for
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THE ART OF SYNTH SOLOING Five Favorite Synth Solos
If you would indulge me for a moment, this is the 100th column I have written on the subject of lead synth soloing – an amazing milestone that I am thankful to the magazine to have supported me to achieve. To commemorate I am going back to artists th