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Apple Logic Pro X 10.5 adds Live Loops, new samplers and fresh beat creation tools

In what’s being described as “the biggest update to Logic since the launch of Logic Pro X”, Apple has unveiled version 10.5 of its flagship DAW. This adds Ableton Live-style clips launching in the form of Live Loops, Remix FX, two new samplers and several tools that are designed for beat creation.

The Live Loops functionality promises to let you create music in new freeform and nonlinear ways, and enables you to organize loops, samples and recordings on a musical grid, from where you can perform and capture different arrangement ideas that can then be viewed and edited on the timeline.

Remix FX can be used in conjunction with Live Loops and performed in real-time over individual tracks or the entire mix. You can also trigger both Live Loops and Remix FX using the free Logic

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