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oving on but staying with iZotope, another plugin found as part of the company's Neutron pacakage is well worth investigating: the Visual Mixer represents your entire mix (or at least those elements you've added an iZotope plugin onto) as 'pucks' around a 2D surface, and lets you control gain, panning and width of everything via a

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Anthony Baldino
In the 21st century, many movie trailers have grown to become cinematic events in their own right, with major Disney franchises such as Star Wars announcing release dates for the latest promotional shorts for instalments – never mind the actual movie
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 2 mins
Utility modules And Why You Need Them
When you dive into the world of modular, much of your focus will likely be on the more glamorous side of things – like oscillators and filters. After all, you will find no end of internet-based chatter on the merits of one VCF versus another, or the
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The Update We’ve Been Waiting For
As enduring as it is well proven, the EXS24 sampler was overdue a major update – and with Logic Pro X 10.5, we’ve finally got it, in the shape of Sampler. The main issue with EXS24 has always been its mad, fiddly interface, and Sampler utterly transf