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DIY ‘pseudo-reverb’ processor

everb and delay – these production staples are often seen together… and that’s because they’re very much related. Here we’re going to use multiple delay lines, all fed back into each other, to build some sort of pseudo-reverb processor. We’ll be doing

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Xfer Records Serum
Finding the right tools for the job Starting with a sine wave on Osc A, lower the coarse tuning to around-24.00, and adjust the amp envelope (Env 1) to create a quick decay. Because of Serum’s default decay curve, this will be around 250-350 millisec
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 4 mins
Kali Audio $399 kaliaudio.com + Big, wide and spacious sound + Very easy to set up with flexible dip switch operation + Great value considering the sound - Overkill for very small studio spaces You may not have heard of Kali Audio and you can be forg
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Quick Tips
1 Treat the initial attack transient and the body “punch” as separate elements, so you can customize the kick based on the needs of your track. 2 Since the kick drum is synthesized, you have full control over decay and release to adapt the sound for