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Patching What, When, Why, How?
At the core of modular synthesis is the concept of patching – connecting one module to another. After all, without doing this you merely have a collection of intriguing sonic building blocks. The term ‘patch’ stems from the ability to temporarily plu
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Icarus 2
Tone2 $225 + Unique, powerful sound + The two MSEGs are awesome + Get crazy with the Glitch Sequencer + Drum sequencer is nicely designed + Backwards compatible with v1 - Knobs still don’t animate with modulation input - The Drum Sequencer
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Making Your First Patch
The core components here are a couple of Intellijel Eurorack modules. The Metropolis will take care of pitch control and gate/trigger duties, while the Atlantis is a self-contained synth with VCO, VCF, VCA and LFO sections. Although each offers many