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Make your own modulation

Delay isn’t just behind the overt effects you hear in a mix – it’s also responsible for far more subtle treatments that producers have been using heavily for many years. And it all started – as do most things in music production mythology – with those pesky Beatles.

Legend has it that the Fab Four had requested.

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oeksound $224 oeksound.com + Soft mode is a ‘magic wand’ + Now covers the full frequency range + Six much more versatile EQ bands + M/S processing and envelope controls + Sidechain input - If we were to nitpick, perband Attack and Release would be ni
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The Glitch Sequencer
Icarus’ newly added Glitch Sequencer is a built-in rhythmic effects generator along the lines of Illformed’s Glitch and Sugar Bytes’ Effectrix plugins. Each of the Glitch Sequencer’s ten 16-step lanes hosts a specific effect: Repeat, Gate, Pan, Tremo
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 1 mins
Harder, Faster, Stronger
soothe has always been a processor that requires a delicate touch, and with soothe2’s new Soft mode (the other mode, Hard, is more like the previous behavior), the ‘intensity’ of the processing and operational sweep of many of the controls can be rei