Electronic Musician

Two-Handed Chromatic Climbs

It’s always wise to have a few show-off moves to use judiciously in your solos. This chromatic climb is easy to do when divided between the hands, and is sure to add some drama and excitement to your playing.

Rise Up

To finish up our look at two-handed playing concepts I want to share a “trick” run that I have been playing for years when I want to show off a little,) is playing minor thirds (three half-steps) across both hands, and then climbing chromatically. The first note is played with the left hand (the down stemmed note), the next with the right hand (the up stemmed note) and you alternate as you climb up. Using a mono legato synth sound, try to play each note crisply and detached so each note gets its own clear attack. Don’t limit yourself to the one octave I am showing, go the full range of your keyboard as an exercise. I show it starting on a C, but try it starting on various notes so you can use it in any key, and with some variety.

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