Electronic Musician


hile there’s a retro influence to Tracker’s ethos, fortunately the hardware itself feels pretty modern. The device itself is compact

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Andres Campo
Spanish techno producer Andres Campo has made a name for himself with releases for labels including Odd Recordings, Eats Everything’s Edible Records and Nicole Moudaber’s Mood, as well as a long-held residency at Spain’s Florida 135. We caught up wit
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A Massive Subwoofer
Also delivered with IN-8s was the new WS-12 subwoofer. These types of speaker are designed to deliver more lower frequency detail, not, it must be said, more bass; they should simply give you a more accurate representation of what you already have. G
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 1 mins
Cost Options
Luna’s extensions and instruments are handled using the Discover and Manage aspects of the UA sidebar. Here you can control what’s installed, and this includes the free features such as Arp and Shape. You can also buy further Luna and UAD plugins. Pa