Electronic Musician

Track and trigger

haperBox 2 added envelope followers for several of its processors, and that feature is carried across to CrushShaper 2. This

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Patched In
On paper at least, modular synthesis looks like outdated technology. With its reliance on manual patching and analog control signals, it lags behind modern, MIDI-equipped hardware in terms of convenience, and can't compete with complex processing pow
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Eventide Clock Works H910
Eventide – the name itself evokes a sense of awe and wonder among engineers and producers. This level of respect is not undeserved, as anyone who can afford their lofty multieffects units can attest to. A new H8000FW will set you back $5,700. Even th
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Using Utility Modules
The multipliers and attenuators discussed above are the workhorses of any modular setup, but there are many other flavors to explore. One such example is the Slew Limiter, which allows you to control the rate of change of a CV signal. For example, yo