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ercX’s MIDI editor is a full-on piano roll affair, but with the Y-axis representing each instrument’s enormous stack of robin

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oeksound $224 oeksound.com + Soft mode is a ‘magic wand’ + Now covers the full frequency range + Six much more versatile EQ bands + M/S processing and envelope controls + Sidechain input - If we were to nitpick, perband Attack and Release would be ni
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Basic Jazz Harmony
At its simplest level, harmony is all about matching chords to a melody, so the term ‘jazz harmony’ essentially relates to what type of chords we can use to accompany improvised solos and melodies in jazz. Typically, these will be the kind of extende
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The Glitch Sequencer
Icarus’ newly added Glitch Sequencer is a built-in rhythmic effects generator along the lines of Illformed’s Glitch and Sugar Bytes’ Effectrix plugins. Each of the Glitch Sequencer’s ten 16-step lanes hosts a specific effect: Repeat, Gate, Pan, Tremo