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Gainstage befroe mixing

aking a couple of minutes to get everything balanced and the fidelity right before you start smashing the audio with processing really helps!

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Utility modules And Why You Need Them
When you dive into the world of modular, much of your focus will likely be on the more glamorous side of things – like oscillators and filters. After all, you will find no end of internet-based chatter on the merits of one VCF versus another, or the
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The Update We’ve Been Waiting For
As enduring as it is well proven, the EXS24 sampler was overdue a major update – and with Logic Pro X 10.5, we’ve finally got it, in the shape of Sampler. The main issue with EXS24 has always been its mad, fiddly interface, and Sampler utterly transf
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Making Your First Patch
The core components here are a couple of Intellijel Eurorack modules. The Metropolis will take care of pitch control and gate/trigger duties, while the Atlantis is a self-contained synth with VCO, VCF, VCA and LFO sections. Although each offers many