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My new house is bordered on one side by a long-distance footpath, though most of the people who use it are local dog walkers.

The path is separated from the garden by a

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Shooting Times & CountryLeitura de 5 mins
At The Heart Of Curlew Recovery
In January 2016, I began planning a 500-mile walk across Ireland, Wales and England to try to find out more about the plight of the Eurasian curlew. I had read the British Birds paper from December 2015 (The Eurasian curlew — the most pressing bird c
Shooting Times & CountryLeitura de 5 mins
Taking Stock Of Gun Design
It’s quite easy to look at a Best hammerless sidelock ejector and admire the perfection of form and function. It’s far harder to admit that the French have greatly influenced the sport of shooting and, as a result, the fit of a shotgun as we know it
Shooting Times & CountryLeitura de 5 mins
When The Roe Don’t Show
I’ve never been on a blind date, but I imagine it’s a bit like stalking roe in early April: anticipation, surprises galore and a good chance of returning home, by choice, with nothing to show for it. During the short, raw days of winter, I often thin