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Why SA needs commercial and smallholder farmers

“There is general consensus amongst leaders in South African business, academia, government and civil society that food security is not only an agricultural issue, but critical for the entire economy and for keeping stability and peace in the country. At the same time, the dominating belief has been that commercial businesses must create jobs so that people can earn wages and be able to afford food. This has encouraged the commercial production of food to gain economies of scale, thus keeping the price of food stable and affordable

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New Partnership Aims To Address Agri Labour Issues
South African farmers will now have direct access to advice on and assistance with labour matters, while being represented on several national labour forums. The main motivations behind the recently signed partnership between the National Employers’
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New Model Promises To Calculate Fair Differentials
The University of the Free State (UFS) has developed a model that promises to address price distortion caused by grain location differentials. Dr Dirk Strydom, manager of grain economy and marketing at Grain SA, explained that the location differenti
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Regenerative Growth For Our Economies
Farmers understand the term ‘regenerative’ very well. In agriculture, it refers to a type of farming that seeks to do no harm and actively reverse prior damage done to the environment. This means that if you practise regenerative agriculture, soil th