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Gaming On The Pet
The original Commodore PET had only 4KB of RAM and a 1MHz 6502 CPU. It’s not the most powerful computer, but at that ttime expectations weren’t as demanding as they are today. The Commodore PET had a number of games, from simple, text-based adventure
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Transfer Your Photos
See the three-step guide below to get an archive of your Google Photos. The archive is organised by year and includes metadata corresponding to each image in the form of .json files. These consist of album information, descriptions and geodata that h
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Let’s Look At Lychee
Lychee is a much simpler program than Nextcloud. It only enables you to upload photos into galleries and displays them, but it does so very well. A VPS with 1GB of RAM will occasionally run out of memory when doing complex things with Nextcloud. It h