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Probability variations with Bitwig Studio’s The Grid
01 > To start we’ve created a super simple synth with Bitwig’s Poly Grid. Its Triangle oscillator is triggered via a sequencer to play a repeated pattern of a single note – F#3. Let’s add a second synth element to our Grid to create randomised variat
Future MusicLeitura de 4 minsComputers
Steinberg Cubase Pro 11 £499
CONTACT WHO: Steinberg WEB: KEY FEATURES Advanced Audio Export, Sampler Track 2, Scale Assistant, Key Editor (CC curves, pitchbend tracking, Global Tracks), Frequency 2 EQ, Squasher dynamics, Imager plug-in, MultiTap Delay Surround Supp
Future MusicLeitura de 2 mins
Use New MIDI Probability For Varied Beats
01 > For this walkthrough we’re going to use Ableton Live 11’s new MIDI probability feature to turn a stale-feeling techno beat into one that feels human and alive. Load up Ableton’s 909 drum kit and program a pattern that is going to be a familiar s