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Spectrum analysers


It’s likely already in your plugins folder, and it’s well and truly the one to beat, so how does the world’s favourite freeware plugin compare to the other analysers in this round-up?

SPAN is legendary for many reasons, including spectrum smoothing, custom resizing, True Peak reading and LUFS metering, mid/side, multichannel analysis with channel grouping, A/B-ing and loads more besides. For most situations, though, you’ll just need to

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Tracks adds a MicroSD card to the hardware, making the process of importing and storing samples more flexible, although some prep is still required. Rather than simply adding loose samples to the card and then importing them into the hardware – somet
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> Split-processing plugins usually involve multiband ideas, where the extent and type of processing changes per frequency. There’s also straight parallel processing, where two signals are processed differently and then blended or balanced together. M
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Like a macro control on a synth, on a rack or chain macros can have multiple targets, controlling them all to different extents, in exactly the way you set it up. The power comes from the fact you’re using a single control to command multiple control