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Bayou Blues Video

In keeping with his origins in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Jonathon Long’s guitar style is a melting pot of the many strands of Americana he heard in his young days growing up. So, not surprisingly you can hear elements of Delta blues, gospel, Southern rock and country rock, all underpinned by the legacy of the

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Get the Tone
The equipment used to get the sound is very much ‘classic’and includes Gibson Les Paul and Gretsch White Falcon guitars and Fender Tweed amps. Young also uses effects such as fuzz and an octave pedal, and his tone can go from clean and sweet to as fi
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STEVE MORSE Interview & Masterclass
You have debilitating arthritis in your picking hand wrist, which has compromised your technique. How is it at the moment? SM: It’s letting me know that I need to use less wrist action! I’m on an inflammatory reducing diet, and practice almost exclu
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Steve’s Perspective On Playing Over Stomping At The Pier’s Chord Changes
MY GOAL IS TO PLAY melodic lines and then to play over changes as if connecting the links. An example of making the melody more important than outlining the chords: at 1:11 of Stomping At The Pier, while playing the melody, I landed on a D (15th fret