Nothing about Alice Phoebe Lou’s musical career reflects industry norms. She maintains complete control over every aspect of her work, from creation to release. The result is always original and fascinating. Lou is at her best when she has an audience to connect with; this live performance is an ideal introduction to her powerful voice and courageous message.

Now 26, the South African singer, songwriter, and guitarist moved to Berlin when she was

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StereophileLeitura de 7 mins
Alta Audio Alyssa
At first look, our November 2020 review of the standmount loudspeaker ($5000/pair) from Alta Audio1 appeared to be a thorough vindication of the Stereophile method of reviewing, combining measurements with a subjective listening journal. John Atkinso
StereophileLeitura de 1 minsTechnology & Engineering
Description Solid-state, mono power amplifier. Input: 1 balanced (XLR). Output: 2 pair custom, gold-plated binding posts. Input impedance, balanced (20Hz–20kHz): 10k ohm. Output impedance: 0.0075 ohm. Gain: 31dB. Bandwidth: 0.3Hz to 350kHz, −3dB. Inp
StereophileLeitura de 1 minsTechnology & Engineering
Associated Equipment
Analog sources Pro-Ject Classic SB turntable with Hana SL moving coil cartridge. Digital sources Yamaha BD-A1060 universal disc player; Euphony Audio Summus: Intel NUC-based music server/player/streamer running Roon/Qobuz. Preamplifiers PS Audio Stel