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Be Your Boardroom Best
Sleeveless grandpa vests and waistcoats are a rising star among the fashion set for the autumn months, and we’re more than happy to follow suit. Making a nice change from the standard blazer and shirt combo, this classic tailored look is a lot more v
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Golden Age
“I’m like, 60 is not so old. [Sixty] is young really,” Clooney said in a recent interview with (US) Today show. “I’m fine with all of it,” The Midnight Sky star added. “The number 70 will put a hitch in my giddy-up a little bit but 60, I can handle.”
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“I’m just like, ‘That’s not my problem.’ I’m here to do me” Steven Yeun, on being asked about the Oscars never having had an Asian American Best Actor nominee before, to The Hollywood Reporter. “Everything Silas does is hilarious, and then anythin