The best microphones for home use

08 Blue Yeti Nano

more compact model of Blue’s classic Yeti mic, this is a great starter microphone for anyone who

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Day One Journal
In the year since we reviewed journalling app Day One Journal, it’s acquired several new features that may persuade you to give it a try – or to upgrade to premium if you’re still using the basic version. Top of the list of new features in version 5
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Doomsday Communicator powered by Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi Pico is turning up in many imaginative projects, and the latest to the list is a long-range wireless chat “Doomsday Communicator” from Bobricius that features a simple QWERTY keyboard and a small IPS LCD display. Bobricius’ Raspberry
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So, we came into this thinking we wouldn’t really change many parts this time around because of the way stock is right now, but inevitably that feels like a betrayal, so we’re trying to minimise cost where we can. However, it’s proving difficult to a