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Izotope Rx 8 £230 Standard, £80 Elements, £770 Advanced
From its first iteration RX has brought together the many components of audio repair and restoration within an innovative and attractive platform loaded with options for everyone, from musicians and engineers to podcasters and post-production houses.
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Children 0f The Revoluti0n
“There are plenty of dames out there excited about and interested in music production,” says Wendy Melvoin, on the phone from Los Angeles. “But are they getting the good gigs? Are there any more opportunities for them?” “It’s still really male-domina
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The Musictech Experts
Jono is a composer, producer, lecturer and journalist. His interest in everything to do with electronic music started at a tender age and has carried him through a career spanning song-writing, remixing, sound design and music for picture. Dave is an