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Anthony Baldino

In the 21st century, many movie trailers have grown to become cinematic events in their own right, with major Disney franchises such as Star Wars announcing release dates for the latest promotional shorts for instalments – never mind the actual movie itself. Naturally, in this world of previews for previews, a trailer’s audio has to be louder, better and more polished than the next one’s. It’s all in a day’s work for Anthony Baldino.

“It’s funny, when I first got started, I didn’t even think about trailer music being its own genre,” says Baldino. “A lot of people think they would just pull the music from the movie. But there’s so much that goes into these trailers. All the Star Wars trailer work I’ve done was an awesome experience, and I’m so grateful to be invited into that world and to get to pay homage to the mighty John Williams!”

If you’ve seen a movie trailer in the last six years, the chances are that at least a handful of sounds within have come from Anthony Baldino’s music studio. With his list of trailer credits spanning horror, sci-fi and action/adventure, including many recent Marvel movies, his new album, Twelve Twenty Two, is packed with analog modular character, spacious synth rolls, ambient soundscapes and hardhitting drums. It’s cinematic, sure, but there’s a sense of musical purpose that’s clearly been bursting to get out.

It must be great to be involved with so many cinematic worlds,

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