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Harder, faster, stronger

oothe has always been a processor that requires a delicate touch, and with soothe2’s new Soft mode (the other mode, Hard, is

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Nuendo 11
$972 steinberg.net When Nuendo was first released back in the year of our ancestors, 2000, Steinberg worked hard to differentiate its brand new platform from the long-established Cubase, and the company decided to do this by positioning its new DAW t
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Sonarworks SoundID Reference Calibrates Your Speakers Or Headphones So That You Can Create Better Mixes
Although it’s no substitute for a high-quality monitoring setup, Sonarworks’ Reference has always been a good option for anyone who wants to get a more reliable reference sound that will enable them to create better mixes. It works by calibrating you
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Vocal Recording Styles
Single-tracked vocals offer the most natural sound, as there are no additional layers thickening them out. The trick to getting a great sound is making sure the vocalist feels comfortable, so that they can project their voice with power and accuracy