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Harder, faster, stronger

oothe has always been a processor that requires a delicate touch, and with soothe2’s new Soft mode (the other mode, Hard, is

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Electronic MusicianLeitura de 8 minsTechnology & Engineering
Steinberg Cubase 11
Cubase has been around longer than most DAWs, and like its competitors it’s grown in scope and power with each new version. As with other powerful software tools there will be functions that you may never use, and some you don’t even know about. Alon
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 2 minsTechnology & Engineering
Equator 2
$275 roli.com + Powerful, well-rounded sound engine + Well-curated library of stock samples and presets + Modulation and expression tools are second to none - Some elements aren’t the most intuitive - Can’t easily move sample library to an external h
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 4 minsTechnology & Engineering
Dirtying Up Your Sound
When it comes to programming and playing distorted lead synth sounds there are several approaches you can take. Some of the most revered prog/metal players went all-out shred guitar player in their sounds (I’m talking about Jens Johansson, Derek Sher