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An International Platform of Consumption
The first China International Consumer Products Expo is to be held in Haikou, the provincial capital of Hainan Province, from May 7 to 10. The event joins China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) and China International Import Expo, as one of China
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What Role Can an Individual Pension System Play?
China currently has a three-pillar pension system in place to manage eldercare. The first pillar is the basic pension system that covers nearly 1 billion people, on which regular workers and residents depend. The second pillar, namely enterprise annu
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The Ping Is Still Heard
Ring, ring…The ringing phone shattered the silence of the night, forcing Dell Sweeris, his eyes fogged with sleep, to pick up the receiver groggily. It was midnight of April 6, 1971, in Michigan, the United States, where he lived. His wife Connie was