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Mini Mojo
Think of a Lowden guitar and the mind conjures up images of Richard Thompson’s classic folk fingerstyle, Pierre Bensusan’s DADGAD mastery or Thomas Leeb’s brilliant percussive technique. They are instruments built for some of the finest players aroun
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Sheeran By Lowden W02
PRICE: £750 (inc gigbag) ORIGIN: Northern Ireland TYPE: Wee Lowden-Style TOP: Sitka spruce BACK/SIDES: Santos rosewood 5-piece laminate MAX RIM DEPTH: 95mm MAX BODY WIDTH: 335mm NECK: Mahogany SCALE LENGTH: 610mm (24”) TUNERS: Chrome unbrand
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Hot Rod Tele
In the 1950s an American artist known as Von Dutch started a fashion for decorating hot-rod cars with flowing, decorative lines. Referred to as ‘pinstriping’, the technique lies somewhere between pure art, calligraphy and signwriting and has evolved