Future Music

Generate new musical ideas in Ableton Live

Do you ever get stuck when writing chords, melodies and basslines or feel like your ideas are all starting to sound the same?

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we all need creative inspiration at times. Fortunately Ableton Live has

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Shaos Theory
Pulsar’s Shaos tool is a pseudo-random generator designed to generate spontaneous rhythmic patterns. Its name is a portmanteau of shift register and chaos, the two primary elements that make up its design. It can be used to make looping sequences of
Future MusicLeitura de 3 minsTechnology & Engineering
Field Recording Excellence
1 It’s not just a cliché that sound recordists are pictured in films and documentaries with their cans on; it’s an essential. Whenever possible, record with headphones on or earbuds in so that you can hear what the recorder is capturing. This will al
Future MusicLeitura de 1 mins
In The Studio With Ben Westbeech
“I’d just moved into a studio in the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane. I used a really beautiful old gun metal Neumann U 47 FET that I bought for £1250 about 17 years ago from someone in America on eBay [laughs]. That mic was pretty much used on every so