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No Doubt About It
I asked Amy, 20, a number of questions that any newcomer or aspiring shooter might want to put to her, as well as asking how she achieved her successes. This is what she said: Amy, how long have you been shooting? When, where and how did you start?
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What’s On Offer
Sporting and simulated game thrown from a wide array of towers, cranes and grouse butts. Monday-Sunday, 8.30am-5pm One-hour individual adult lessons start from £105, exclusive of clays and cartridges. Discounts are available for members, juniors or w
Sporting GunLeitura de 4 mins
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Make and Model MK6000 SP (1983 model) Calibre 12-bore Barrel 28in Choke fixed ¾ and ¼ Price £899 Contact Matthias Tel 07876 764445 County Oxfordshire Make and Model EJ Churchill side-by-side ejector Calibre 12-bore Barrel 25in Choke fixed