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Express Yourself! Get Ready To Sway To The Rhythm Of Music And Poetry And Feel The Pleasure Of Lyrical Expression..
Music is a part of every known society, past and present, and is common to all human cultures across the globe. Poetry is a marvellous way to express emotions and thoughts through words. You may have watched the young poet Amanda Gorman at the US i
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Skeltonic Verse
Is verse that’s terseWith rhyming wordsLike birds and herdsLike curds and girdsAnd surds and thirdsKeep words goingAnd lines flowingTill the rhymes you seekBecome quite weakThen change the rhyme,They’ll cease to chimeAnd that is whenYou switch again.
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Night Music
I saw sounds at night,altering the shapes of the trees, tickling shadows,dancing on an owl’s tongue, I saw sounds skippingfrom door to door, rattling the letterbox,slipping into dreams, I saw a gentle drumbeat,chase a prancing fox, amongst