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ost rangefinders tend to be much of a muchness – point them at your target and press a button, and they tell you how far away it is. The Rapier Ballistic Rangefinder from MTC will do this job really well, measuring

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Portable Powerhouse
The Air Rover is the latest addition to AirForceOne’s range of PCP airgun compressors and comes packed with features while remaining small enough to be carried to the club, the range or even to the field. It weighs 7.3kg, measures 305mm x 225mm x 150
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Lee Enfield Sentry Multi-shot Pcp
The Shooting Party are well known for selling some great kit, and their latest PCP offering certainly maintains that theme. The distinctively styled multi-shot Lee Enfield Sentry boasts some impressive features, making it a very appealing passport to
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Break The Barrel, Not The Bank
I’m lucky enough to have several permissions on which I take my pest controlling responsibilities seriously, even if they are provided for free. As a result, whenever I can I’ve invested in the best kit I can afford. Getting ready for a night’s rabbi