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If everything has gone to plan in the UK, by the time you read this there’s a good chance that we are allowed out on our bikes again. The lockdown is slowly easing, and with a bit of luck life will soon resemble something that we used to call normal.
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Join The Party!
The Moto Guzzi factory is smack bang in the middle of Mandello del Lario. Esentially, Mandello is the factory, and the factory is Mandello. The Open House offers people a chance to look around the factory with guided tours and talks taking place, and
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Cover Your Eyes
March issue’s front cover caused a bit of a stir when it arrived! My postman gave me a quizzical look as he handed it over, and when my wife saw ‘Big, Bad & Bare Naked’ on the cover she insisted on going through it page by page to find out exactly wh