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the good old bad old days, cars self-destructed from the inside out and often disintegrated before their tenth birthday. Times changed, and corrosion isn’t really an issue now. To confirm it, a wander around Halfords (other similar shops are available, of course) will reveal a relatively small amount of shelf space devoted to rust. Evidently our ferrous fiend is less of a threat than used to be the case. A car bought 20 years ago will probably still be only slightly frilly around the edges now, and is

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Classics MonthlyLeitura de 6 minsConstruction
Project Mini Clubman Part 4
This pint-sized Mini has always promised to offer us a king-sized dilemma when it comes to the bodywork. There was only one small area of obvious rust, and that was the offside A-panel between the door and the front wing. That is not a difficult repa
Classics MonthlyLeitura de 3 minsTechnology & Engineering
Classic Tails
Inspired by the news story last issue that the BMW E36 was voted ‘best 1990’s car’ by the readership of Car Mechanics Bargain Cars, I want to talk about really good design. Right now, I will vent my ire on my Dyson vacuum cleaner. Having been pressed
Classics MonthlyLeitura de 8 mins
Waterproof Your Classic
There’s nothing more frustrating than a damp-smelling interior, soggy carpets and the sound of sloshing water inside the sills, especially when you can almost hear the rust starting to take over. What’s equally frustrating is trying to find the cause