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n June 11, during the third week of recent protests in support of the inviting writers of the Black literary community to submit letters written to any individual or group—a friend, a family member, the publishing community, other writers, themselves—that loosely pertained to their lives as writers. Our intention was to give Black writers a platform to directly address whatever they wanted, and on their own terms. The following selection of letters is further evidence that, as Melva Graham puts it, writing, too, is a form of resistance. “Every time you sit down to write your true voice becomes louder,” she writes, “and in the fight for racial justice we need all the voices we can get.”

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Daniel Becker
Age: 71. Residence: Charlottesville, Virginia. Book: 2nd Chance (New Issues Poetry Prize, New Issues Poetry & Prose, October 2020), a collect ion of poems. Agent: None. Editor: Nancy Eimers. I AM working on a long ruminative poem, like several in 2nd
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We Need Your Support
What a difference a year makes. A year ago we wrote on this page about our ambitious plans for 2020, our fiftieth anniversary year. We laid out our commitment to empowering writers and strengthening literary communities as well as our plan to launch
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A. H. Kim
Age: 55. Residence: San Francisco. Book: A Good Family (Graydon House, July 2020), a domestic thriller about a glamorous Big Pharma executive who pleads guilty in a whistleblower lawsuit and enters Alderson women’s prison, only to suspect that one of