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HOW TO Replace a water impeller

ne of the key checks when you start up your engine is that your raw water cooling system is working properly. You should see water coming out of the exhaust. The water and exhaust gasses will have travelled from the engine through a reinforced rubbed hose via various water traps and loops to the skin fitting. You need to see a good

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Adventure outnumbered afloat
The morning sun was warm on my back as I eased the oars into the water. Pulling gently, I allowed the dinghy to follow as my daughter, Lucy, swam slowly through the water, head below the surface, scanning the bottom for treasure. Through the crystal
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Fitting Shaft Anodes Securely
Shaft anodes are by far the best way to prevent galvanic corrosion between the typical manganese bronze propeller (actually a modified brass) and stainless steel shaft, probably the most common combination. Shaft anodes will also help to prevent unwa
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Pitfalls Of Buying
For couples, buying a boat is a joint decision and it is essential this isn’t driven only by the more experienced sailor. Almost 90% of your time on board will be spent at anchor or in harbour, so performance isn’t the only consideration. You’ll enjo