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Bassline theory

Over the course of his 25-year career, Dave has engineered, programed and played keyboards for numerous artists including George Michael and Tina Turner

s an essential part of the rhythm section, together with the drums, your track’s bassline is the component that forms

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In this tune, the cyclic Abm - F# - C#m, Ebm chords indicate a I - VII - iv - v progression in Ab minor bit.ly/FMunforg A D minor sequence in this track – Dm - Am - Bb - C (i - v - VI - VII) is a more interesting form of the standard tonic/dominant/t
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Three Software OSCar Alternatives
Truly a labor of love, impOSCar is a spot-on recreation of the original OSCar, boasting some nifty extras like polyphony, nine different filter types, multiple mono and poly unison modes, and the ability to route incoming audio into the signal path.
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LCD-1 Headphones $399 Audeze.com
+ Excellent, detailed sound + Classy, subtle design + Lightweight and comfy - Cables connect to both ears at once - Lots of audio leakage, even by open back standards Californian brand Audeze is known for its high-end headphones built to appeal to bo