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Vox Continental

ike the antagonist from a horror movie franchise, this classic transistor-based organ refuses to die. Released in 1962 and designed as a more portable solution than Hammond’s B3, Vox’s Continental was everything the Hammond was not. The Hammond was a throwback to an era when organs were meant to be a part of one’s living room furniture, and frankly looked like something your granny would play in

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Electronic MusicianLeitura de 2 minsTechnology & Engineering
Thermal $175 output.com
+ Broad range of impressive distortion styles + Additional processors go well beyond distortion + Lots of handy, wellorganized presets - No one-shot/MIDI triggered option for the envelopes Of Output’s eclectic line-up, last year’s granular effect too
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 4 mins
OB-Xa V $235 arturia.com
+ Lovely OB-Xa emulation…… with some fine 21st century additions + Some fantastic and varied sounds + Great and easy modulation options + Very useful effects - Van Halen’s Jump - Some sounds are a bit processor-hungry There’s been a decades-lasting j
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 8 mins
Better Bass
Samples and presets are all very well, but if you really want to get the best possible bass sounds for your tracks, then nothing beats being able to synthesize them yourself from the ground up. Sure, even a novice can tweak a synth’s factory sounds a