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Next-gen Korg Volca Sample Improves On The Original’s Biggest Hangups
Korg has launched a new version of the Volca Sample and it looks like the Japanese firm has rectified a few issues that slightly dogged the original model. Korg’s Volca range took a turn in a new direction back in 2014 with the launch of the Volca Sa
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Drum Mixing Tips
Although we used a single bussed reverb in our walkthrough, there’s no reason not to use inserted reverbs on your separate channels. A short, dark ’verb on the kick, a longer, brighter one on the snare, etc. If you choose to do this, though, be caref
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In this tune, the cyclic Abm - F# - C#m, Ebm chords indicate a I - VII - iv - v progression in Ab minor A D minor sequence in this track – Dm - Am - Bb - C (i - v - VI - VII) is a more interesting form of the standard tonic/dominant/t