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Unbelievable. This is my one word summation of this year, so far, and we’re only a little over half way through. The year began with the death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and their seven friends on board his private helicopter, followed by the pandemic no-one saw coming and its’ second phase which has claimed more lives than anyone could have ever imagined and then the largest worldwide protests against racism ever seen in the history of the human race. If you agree that this is indeed the year of the unbelievable — read on. This is not just another article on mental health, illness, depression and anxiety but a truly unbelievable story, my story, which has already provided a solution for people in similar situations. As a middle-aged man who no longer suffers from depression and anxiety, this new “treatment” dare I say, is a possible cure.

My battle didn’t come as a shock. I knew a few school friends who suffered from depression and anxiety, and in the late ’80s — the years that followed school — some even took their own lives. In the ’90s no-one talked about mental illness but with every school reunion more of my friends would privately disclose their battles. In the early 2000s professional sports stars and Hollywood celebrities went public, many others kept it private, and suddenly mental illness had a name and was recognised for what it is — an illness of the

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