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Writer’s Block
FILM OUT 21 MAY CINEMAS Originally entitled My Salinger Year, but inexplicably dumbed down for UK audiences, this twee bildungsroman charts uni grad and aspiring poet Joanna’s (Margaret Qualley) time working in the Big Apple at an antiquated book age
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Danny Huston
It feels natural – like getting back in the saddle,” says Danny Huston, who returns to directing with poignant drama The Last Photograph after a 20-year hiatus. Not that he’s been idle. The son of legendary filmmaker John – and brother to Anjelica –
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Last Time Is Pete’s Dragon The Best Disney Remake?
Is it a remake or a reimagination? If it’s a remake, then yes, because most of the other films just copy and paste the original. One of the better ones. Hands down the best, a truly wonderful film. A resounding ‘just you’! Just you. I didn’t mind it,