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“We’ve just had an email from a client who wants a new, high-performance storage array to be shared

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Also Consider
There are actually quite a few web browsers that are better at juggling the available resources than the web browsers that come bundled with your favourite distro. Some browsers, however, have a much smaller development teams, which means they don’t
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A Quick Reference To… Symlinks
A symbolic links, also known as a symlink or soft link, is basically a file that points to another file. They’re used to enable a file or directory to be referenced on more than one way and are used extensively in Linux. Normally, when a software pac
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Kodachi 8.3
The previous major release of Linux Kodachi topped our recent Roundup of privacy distributions (LXF267). It saw off competition from its more popular peers such as Tails and Whonix. With the latest release, Kodachi further raises the bar with a usefu