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“We’ve just had an email from a client who wants a new, high-performance storage array to be shared

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Linux FormatLeitura de 1 minsComputers
In Brief
One of the oldest distributions that’s designed to equip system admins with a variety of tools and utilities to help repair and rescue their Linux and Windows installations. The distro will work on any 64-bit machine and while it’s meant to be used a
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MX-Fluxbox Pi 21.02.20
We’re no strangers to MX Linux. The distribution has resurrected our older Thinkpads for general use on more than one occasion. So when we saw that there was a beta for MX Linux on the Raspberry Pi (Fluxbox-RaspberryPi Respin “Ragout” is the project’
Linux FormatLeitura de 1 minsComputers
Getting Hold Of Blender
Blender is free software. We used a 2.9 series (current stable) build for this tutorial. Our advice is to visit the Blender website and compare the latest release ( with the version in your distribution’s repository. You can go cuttin