New American Paintings

Lava Thomas

Berkeley, CA / @lavathomas

Through an oeuvre that includes drawing, sculpture, and sitespecific installation, I strive to connect people across distance and difference, using my practice to bridge our common

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New American PaintingsLeitura de 1 mins
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New American PaintingsLeitura de 1 mins
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Misia Armstrong p16 $2,400 p17 $1,100 p18 $2,400 Tamera Avery p20 $3,500 p21 $4,200 p22 $14,500 Alejandro Cardenas p24 NFs p25 NFS p26 NFS Anthony Ciarlo p30 $1,000 p31 $1,000 p32 $1,000 Kathryn Clark p34 $3,000 p35 $3,000 p36 $3,000 Bailey Davenport