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Future MusicLeitura de 9 mins
Italian-born Luca Mucci spent three years in Bristol, UK, soaking up the local music culture while working at instrument company Modal Electronics as a product specialist. Influenced by early trip-hop and IDM pioneers Aphex Twin and Autechre, his ear
Future MusicLeitura de 13 mins
Ela Minus
After studying jazz drums and music synthesis at Berklee College of Music, Ela Minus found her dream job when hired by instrument manufacturer Critter & Guitari to test, assemble and design their latest range of synths. Tired of the modern laptop-dri
Future MusicLeitura de 1 mins
Loopmasters – Lack Of Afro: Soul Crates Vol 1 £29.95
This, the first in a four part series, is LOA’s latest go-to collection of sweet soul samples, and the sh*t is dope, son! Off the bat, the drums splash and pop, and generally get necks snapping. The super warm horns and rock solid basslines feel ripp