Future Music

Method 2: Xfer Serum

01 Starting with a sine wave on Osc A, lower the coarse tuning to around -24.00, and adjust the amp envelope (Env 1) to create a quick decay. Because of Serum’s default

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With a refreshingly upbeat and funky take on minimal house music, Cologne’s Johannes “DJOKO” Kolter has scored releases on Golf Clap’s Country Club Disco, Okain’s Talman Records, and DJ Steaw and Gunnter’s Rutilance Recordings. We caught up with the
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Pipa is a new ‘expressive’ vocal synth plugin from Klevgrand that, although based on the human voice, isn’t designed to emulate all aspects of it. This sounds like another way of saying that you shouldn’t expect maximum authenticity; what you are pro
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The System Coupe is a small but very capable Eurorack system with a few key modules that make it suitable for generative music. It’s home to Pamela’s New Workout, and also has Quaid Megaslope that can sequence, loop, and provide complex envelopes. F