Guitar Techniques

30-Minute Lickbag


We start with an example that is almost a bass line on guitar. Use a fat pick with heavy down strokes and practice with a metronome or drum beat.

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JS BACH Invention No 8 In F
In this issue I’ve arranged a work for two guitars, by the profoundly brilliant composer Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Bach’s talents and accomplishments are hard to overstate, but suffice it to say he is widely recognised as one of, if not the
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TRACK RECORD As well as the tracks covered in this month’s examples, check out what happened in the following year or so with these brilliant follow-ups: Close To The Edge by Yes, Quadrophenia from The Who, Black Sabbath Vol 4, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side
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Get the Tone
As we’re dealing with musical concepts here you can choose any tone you like, although for classic jazz the consensus is to select the warm tone of a neck position humbucker and pick a little closer to the fingerboard. For the blues examples, conside