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Pro Tip!
Love coins and power-ups? Well, you’re gonna love scaling trees. Every 100 coins earns an extra life, so it’s absolutely worth sniffing out every spare coin you can get your mitts on. You don’t need any of the special power-ups to do it (though they
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Yo Collecta!
Name: Harrison Collects: Doctor Who memorabilia Wonderful Whovian: Harrison has collected Doctor Who items for years! After watching the awesome show since he was five years old, Harrison has many books, board games, DVDs, a mini TARDIS and more! We
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If you play and love Pokémon games, Temtem is def your jam. If you don’t, then you’ll find that Temtem is a mad monster collector that’s mighty kind to newcomers and can stand on its own. First, take the time-time to give your hero a cool look and na